Teaching the Arts

Who am I?

I am Dianne Foderaro. I was fortunate enough to participate in the five training days for the arts along with many other teachers in the district. As part of each day of training, we were required to create a standards based lesson in a given arts discipline.

I was excited about all of the lessons that were being created. I asked the other first grade teachers in the group if they would share their lessons with me so that I could post them for our colleagues. They kindly agreed.

I hope that our lessons will be beneficial to all who use them. Take time to blog and tell how the lesson worked for you. If you have lessons to share, you may post a page or just send the lesson to me at Plum Canyon and I will post it for you.

Let's help each other enjoy teaching the arts in our classrooms.

Brief description

Sharing arts lessons will help us all enjoy treaching the arts.

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