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Welcome to the community network for the Student Writing Achievement Through Technology Enhanced Collaboration (SWATTEC) initiative. Share ideas, celebrate successes, and learn from this exciting program! Click the links to the right under "Content" for the very latest information and updates.

About the Program

SUSD, through funding from the EETT grant, will provide a technology-rich writing achievement program for students in the fourth grade, entitled Student Writing Achievement Through Technology Enhanced Collaboration (SWATTEC.) With a focus on writing within the science curriculum, the SWATTEC project will engage every fourth grade student in the district by providing a sustainable, one-to-one computing environment, which will be used to advance writing skills, build science knowledge, increase student and teacher technology proficiency, engage students and teachers in 21st century collaborative environments, and promote student writing achievement. The SWATTEC project has been carefully conceived, backed by tremendous research, and will be comprehensively supported through extensive staff development, evaluation, and district-wide support. We embark on this journey with great anticipation and high expectation that the development of a sustainable, one-to-one environment, coupled with the power of Web 2.0 tools will create a culture of transparent technology integration and generate academic, personal, and social gains never before realized in elementary education. We look forward to sharing the results with you. For further details about this exciting program, examine the links under the Content section to the right.