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Jim Klein :: Weblog :: Where on Earth is SWATTEC?

May 28, 2010

We are pleased to present Where on Earth is SWATTEC? Inspired by Where is Matt (http://is.gd/ctCy5) this video presents the greatest teachers in the world and the students who's lives have been touched by the SWATTEC program. While pictures may paint words, videos inspire dreams. Enjoy!

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  1. Even better the second time ;)

    David Lindsay on Friday, 28 May 2010, 16:21 PDT

  2. :-)

    And not one of the kids dropped their device - take that naysayers...

    Tim Goree on Saturday, 29 May 2010, 16:43 PDT

  3. I just showed my son and he thought it was great!  I said the same thing as Time; none of the kids dropped the netbooks.  This was a great idea and the kids had a fun time participating.  I will be showing my students this tomorrow at school.  They'll love it!

    Michelle White on Monday, 31 May 2010, 14:20 PDT

  4. Perfect! You guys did such a great job on this. I chuckle every time I see it. Thanks so much for putting this together.


    Eric Greenfield on Tuesday, 1 June 2010, 07:52 PDT

  5. I an In this Viedo YAH;)

    Ciara on Wednesday, 2 June 2010, 16:00 PDT

  6. I love the song that plays in this video!!!!!!!!! I was so nervus do it and not to drop my notebook!!!!

    Ciara R on Wednesday, 2 June 2010, 19:43 PDT

  7. That was a cool video.....I love watching it over and over ..

    marissa p on Friday, 4 June 2010, 09:14 PDT

  8. So very coool I just love watching this and I know that it's kinda silly but it actually moves me to tears that my children get to be a part of something so wonderful..... Thankyou!!!

    Treslei Rosale's mommy on Sunday, 6 June 2010, 22:17 PDT

  9. YEAH SWATTEC!!   I just love this video and it's song.  The best thing for me was that I was in it!!!

    A Student From Tesoro Del Valle Elementary on Saturday, 10 July 2010, 11:19 PDT

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