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May 02, 2008

There are constantly new tools available for teachers and students.  With teachers moving away from the front of the room with the use of slates - Interwrite Pads, Wacom Pads and Airliners, one of the newer tools being piloted in various school districts across the United States is the eeePC.  This Ultra Mobile Device (UMD) looks like a shrunken laptop.  It is Linux based, boots in 20 seconds, is wireless and contains all the Internet access and productivity tools a student needs in a one to one computing environment.  One of the great things is that with no moving parts (example: CD drive) it is very durable.  A good thing around students.

They are even selling them at Costco.  The more memory, the higher the cost, but the basic version, which is quite sufficient is $300. 

Below is a picture. 




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