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April 25, 2006

Spring break was a busy time for the IT department. During those nine days, we accomplished the following:
  • Upgraded the IP phone system software to the most recent version at all 15 schools and the district office.
  • Upgraded Powerschool server to Powerschool Premiere.
  • Setup and installed two complete labs at Rio Vista and Rosedell.
  • Upgraded all the computers in the lab at Skyblue to Win XP Pro.
  • Set up a new, faster, dedicated server for our lightweight web applications (including this site) and moved them to it from the iSchool server. This should alleviate some of the performance bottlenecks we were experiencing as the load on this site has continued to increase.
  • Performed a complete inventory of tech equipment at the school sites.
  • Added power supplies to all 14 active broadcast carts for the wireless receivers, so that batteries will no longer be required.
  • Replaced the streaming video server at Skyblue Mesa
  • Installed and configured the blade server and SAN infrastructure at the district office. Set up clustered, virtualized operating systems on all blades.
  • Set up test servers (virtual machines) on the blade servers for evaluation of potential Groupwise (email/collaboration server) replacements.
In the coming weeks, we will be testing email systems and planning the migration away from Groupwise, which we plan to complete over the summer break. We will also begin the process of setting up the new voice, video, and data infrastructure at Highlands, in preparation for their return in August, and will begin planning the necessary work at Emblem to prepare for their remodel over the summer.

In addition, we will be setting up iSchool for this year's multiple measures, obtaining the last round of CSIS numbers for CAT6 and PE testing, working with SELPA to build their web site, building streaming training videos, and continuing to provide excellent technical support.

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January 31, 2006

January was a busy month for IT at SUSD! On the web front, we have updated the look of the SUSD web site, to great acclaim. We have been working on the design for about a month, and were pleased to be able to implement it last week. We also officially launched this site, making it available district-wide to all teachers and staff. We hope that this tool will prove to be a valuable resource and community builder. We have been hosting demonstrations at a variety of meetings, and will continue to do so throughout the next several months. More ...

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December 19, 2005

IS&T will have a busy time over the Christmas break! We will have many operations in progress over the two week period, most relating to additions, modifications, and/or repairs to media distribution systems. As many of you are aware, when we began to "ramp up" the use of the media systems this fall, we exposed a variety of minor issues at a number of locations (through the help and encouragement of our tech coordinator - thanks Arlene!) As with any new technology, these systems will take a little time to stabilize, as problems are often not discovered until they are used to their fullest. It is our goal to have every site broadcasting successfully by January 3. Thank you all for your patience! More ...

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