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May 02, 2008

OK, so it's been a year since I dared to float the controversial idea that interactive whiteboards are little more than a big, expensive white mouse, whose functionality can easily be replaced by far less expensive solutions (see my prior post, "Is the debate over the value of interactive whiteboards really about the boards?") I received tons of feedback from a variety of sources, which did little to sway my view of them. Most from proponents were testimonies of increased student engagement, etc., etc., very similar to those I mentioned in the prior post, all subjective and lacking in any real data. Even Smart's favorite "evidence" of student achievement from the EU is vague at best, listing their boards as one of a number of technologies (emphasis on the words "one of") that were implemented. Then there are the health risks, which are only just starting to surface.   More ...

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November 09, 2007

There have been many conversations of late about Smartboards, and other new hardware to add to classes.  It’s great to have all these things in the classroom, but it’s also very unfortunate to see the initial enthusiasm wane after teachers realize that most of the hardware requires curricular input to align to our texts and to design lessons to communicate the curriculum.  And this takes time, a very precious commodity in a teacher’s life.


I want to be perfectly clear here that I have nothing against Smartboards.  In the hands of a teacher who puts in the time to access lessons aligned to the curriculum, and allows their students the opportunity to interact with the board, I think they are great.  But too often the interactive part of the board (and this applies to all brands) is done only by the teacher without any student involvement except to watch.  How does this change what we are already doing by standing up in front of the class?  And “canned” lessons do not always stress standards as needed.More ...

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April 12, 2007

There seems to be a renewed interest in interactive whiteboards of late, with the debate largely centering around the notion of "value." Proponents often bring forth such lofty, yet immeasurable "proof" as a teacher or administrator declaration of how wonderful they are, how their classroom lessons are more engaging, effective, interactive, etc., etc. More ...

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