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July 31, 2008

I really only want to share one week of my vacation with you. I am just finishing an intense week of multimedia training at The Thacher School in Ojai. I have always been really interested in technology as I am a very visual learner, and this week at Thacher has been such a great stimulus to making technology work to improve my classroom.

I began dabbling in podcasting late in April. Technology is not intuitive for me so I always have to work hard when learning new things. I AM determined so I usually get to my goal sooner or later. My class’ first podcasts shared successes in arts related lessons. The podcast process was motivated by my commitment to the City of Santa Clarita as listed in a grant I wrote. I was sad to have learned podcasting so late in the school year. By the time the students and I had the routine down, it was time for summer break.

It is my goal to begin podcasting early this year. I want all of you to share this experience with me. I want to share successful lessons with anyone who might like to use them, both in the arts and in the podcast process. I will post comments as to the successes and challenges I have faced with each lesson in my blog. I will check with Jim Klein as to the possibility of posting the lesson plans for download.

I am off to the east coast to have my first experience with the Newport Jazz Festival. I’ll return the day before school starts. I already have my music and drawing lessons planned for my first two weeks of school. I will share them with you as soon as the “beginning of the year” dust settles.

Smiles :-)

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February 07, 2008

Some of our teachers have found it motivating for students to post or read their writing and poetry.  This give the students an authentic audience to comment on what they have done.  The only problem here is the lack of comments on the Student Community.  

If you have a little time to take a look at what our students are doing on the Student Community, please take a moment and comment on a student's work.  You can even have your students comment on their work.  There is no need for an account or log in, jut click on the word "comments" at the bottom of the student post and scroll down to the comment area.  We do ask that you do identify yourself in at least a general way, like "A Saugus 4th grade teacher", "an interested parent", or "a North Park student".

Don't expect the comment to show up immediately as all comments have to be cleared by the students' teacher first.  

It's amazing what a few words of encouragement can do.

Here's the link to the Student Community 



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April 29, 2007

For those of you posting podcasts in either the Teacher Community or the Student Community I recently came across a bug that sometimes prevents the playing of podcasts from the "View All Posts" area.  Jim has told me that it happened several weeks ago with the latest update of Firefox.  I haven't tried yet, but if someone is using IE (Internet Explorer) it may not be a problem.

When a person goes to listen to a podcast in the "View All Posts" listing, it won't play.  If they click on the post icon, and go to the actual post area for that person, they can play the podcast just fine.  If you are notifying anyone of the web address to find yours or your students' podcasts, make sure you give them the address of the actual post.  Click on the Podcast title to get there.

Hope this helps.


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April 04, 2007

There has been much discussion of late about the potential of social networking in the K-12 environment. These tools, which include blogging, podcasting, file sharing, and RSS, as well as the "social" structure of friendships, communities, and peers, have been said to have the potential to transform both teaching and learning, and rightly so. They enable creativity through easy to use tools, and encourage collaboration and sharing. More ...

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January 31, 2007

For those who recently attended my session at the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, March 1-3, or the session at theTech Ed Conference in Ontario, March 28th, and want to access the documents that are available to assist with implementation of podcasting in your classroom, I have assembled them here.

Avatars application/msword
Ideas for Podcasting application/msword
permission slip application/msword
Info on Open Technologies application/pdf
Hosting Podcasts application/msword
Editing Podcasts and blogs application/msword
Where in the World application/pdf
Using Audacity application/msword

For those interested in the Karl Fisch PowerPoint that I played at the beginning of my presentation, here is the link:

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September 12, 2006

Here it is just the end of the first month of school and amazing things are happening here in Saugus USD.  While awaiting the completion of the Saugus Student Community ( a mirror of the Teacher Community for students),
Athena Smith at Skyblue and her 6th graders have been using the site to show off their writing skills with their first assigned writing project and are ready to begin their second.

Chris Bague's 6th graders just completed their first Science related podcast - look below this post- and are anxious to begin the next.

Bonita DeAmicis' class at Highlands will be testing the Beta version of the Saugus Community, and Sharon Wagner at Tesoro will be working on a podcast with her second grade class.

Eric Greenfield has experimented with podcasting review lessons in Science to assist his students in studying for a test.

Linda Candib is working with the Digital Voice Program at Helmers.
I will be presenting and iSafe (Internet Safety) program for parents at Bridgeport that includes Helmers, and North Park. 
More schools are preparing to broadcast or get back into broadcasting.

If you would like to join all the fun linking technology to the curriculum let me know and I'd be glad to help.

As a footnote to the blogging, something that Athena and I discovered was that the students are so excited about seeing their work on the web that they are taking time to read and comment on their friend's writing.

Reading and Writing  - What a concept!!

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March 15, 2006

I must say that I was very impressed with the session offerings at this year's CUE Conference.  At previous conferences I've spent numerous hours wandering the exhibit hall, which this year seemed a little lacking.  I was so busy with hands on activities and listening to what some prominent speakers had to say I only spend an hour or so wanding the exhibits. 
The best speaker  for me, was without a doubt David Warlick, a  well-known podcaster.  Not only did we create a podcast during his session, but were entertained with his humor and presentation. 
I tried to vary my sessions to gather information on curriculum in all areas, expecially Language Arts and Math.  Once I have organized my notes and materials I hope to put out a CUE info report with shared materials.
All around a great conference.

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