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October 15, 2008

This week I had the pleasure of presenting at the CUE/FETC Innovative Learning Conference in San Jose, CA. Once again, I presented on the topic of Open Technologies, in the form of a case study on our use here at SUSD. Since this is essentially a classroom-oriented conference, I decided to focus primarily on desktop and web applications, including our use of open source on PCs, Macs, and Linux machines, Green Computing Initiative, and web technologies. 

Enjoy this audio podcast from the session. Be sure to get the resources from my prior post.

[ Download - audio/mp3 ] 

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October 14, 2008

Today, I look forward to my presentation on open technologies at the CUE/FETC Innovative Learning Conference, entitled "The Value of Open Technologies." Rather than trying to fly up a pile of resources, I am posting the materials here for those in attendance (and even those who aren't but are interested.)

The first is a document I wrote about open technologies in general. This is a great resource to hand to administrators and other educational leaders to help them understand why these technologies are important.

Open Technologies In Education application/pdf

The second is what I call my "short list" of open source applications which I believe are worthy of your consideration.

Open Source Short List application/pdf 

And finally, a listing of the great open source applications on the Open Disc, which is a fantastic resource for teachers and students. 

OpenDisc Programs application/pdf


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November 14, 2007

This week, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to speak at the Georgia Education Technology Conference (GaETC,) and I have to say, I've been thoroughly impressed. Georgia really knows how to put on a technology conference!


Dr. Curtis Bonk speaking at GaETC


I'm giving a total of three talks on open technologies, the first of which had a great turnout - probably about 80! It has been a thrill to see interest in the education community continue to grow. I think a lot of eyes have been opened to the potential of open technologies in the K-12 space.

Several requested access to the slides and other resources, so I have posted them here:

GaETC Open Technologies in the Ed Enterprise application/pdf

Short List of Open Source Software application/pdf 

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May 01, 2007

At the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN) conference last month, I did an interview with Managing Editor Dennis Pierce regarding open technologies in K-12 and CoSN's K-12 Open Technologies initiative. The interview was titled, Who's afraid of Open Tech? and you can view it online at ...

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March 30, 2007

K-12 technology leaders from around the globe gathered this year in San Francisco for the CoSN 12th Annual K-12 School Networking Conference, which has been a resounding success. The K-12 Open Technologies Initiative, for which I am a panelist, was well represented this year, with a variety of sessions focusing on open technologies in the K-12 environment.

For those who attended (or wish they could have attended) my session on Thursday entitled Open Source Implementation in K-12: Case Study of Saugus, CA the presentation and supporting documents are listed below.

Thanks to everyone involved for all your hard work - it really paid off this year!

CoSN 07 Case Study Slides application/pdf
Open CD Support Document application/pdf
Open Technologies in Education application/pdf
Short List of Open Source Software application/pdf

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November 01, 2006

The CETPA Conference is off to a great start this year, with lots of informative sessions for California technology directors from all over the state. It was great to see some familiar faces in my session today, Open Technologies in the Education Enterprise. We had quite a lively discussion, contemplating the implications and impact of all things open on the learning environment. If you attended my session and would like copies of the slides or support docs, links to the files are below:

CETPA Presentation Slides application/pdf
Open Technologies In Education application/pdf
OpenCDInfo application/pdf
OpenSourceProjects application/pdf

Thanks to everyone who attended! I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and welcome your comments or suggestions. Feel free to email me @

Watch this space for photos from the conference...
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Keywords: CETPA, FLOSS, Open Content, Open Source, Open Standards, Open Technologies, OSS

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July 08, 2006

NECC 2006 has come to a close, and all in all, I believe it was quite a success. ISTE did a great job of organizing and planning the events, with plenty of options for every interest and skill set. If there was one criticism I have of the conference, it would be that there should be a bit more scrutiny of the sessions, and that the schedule needs to be reduced to specific tracks in key interest areas. Wading through 20-25 session options on overlapping time schedules during any given hour was a bit unnerving at times. Fewer, more focused sessions with proven speakers along track lines would be a big improvement.

Yesterday, Mike and I participated in a BOF (birds of a feather) session More ...

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March 29, 2006

Yesterday (3/27) I presented on Open Technologies in the Education Enterprise at the annual TechEd International Conference and Expo in Pasadena, California, to a great crowd! Several requested electronic versions of the presentation and supporting documents, as well as links to additional resources, which are attached to this blog post. Thanks to everyone who attended and took part in this lively discussion on open technologies!

I would also recommend the SUSD Open Technologies pages at for more information about our specific experiences, as well as great resources and advice about migrating to open technologies at your school or district.More ...

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