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January 07, 2009

After four grueling days of non-stop wiring, mounting, tying, and binding, all 53 carts are complete and ready to head to the warehouse for delivery. It will take some time to get them to all the schools, and they will arrive locked until we can arrange an orientation time with each site's teachers and 4th grade student champions. We look forward to a busy January rolling out laptops, and can't wait to see them in our students' hands. Great job, everybody who helped with the carts!

cart51.jpg  cart52.jpg

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December 29, 2008

Well, the last of the 1700 EeePCs have been set up and placed in the carts, with spares boxed up and ready to go. Next step: wiring the carts. Hopefully, we'll be able to get that done in the next couple of days. Would be nice to head into January only worrying about delivery. Our out-of-the-box fail rate has been pretty good, with only 7 machines with issues to contend with. That puts our fail rate at 0.4% - not too shabby!

53 Carts, loaded with 30 EeePCs each

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December 22, 2008

We're off to a great start on the SWATTEC initiative! Teachers and mentor/coaches have taken part in numerous trainings over the past few months and have received their laptops for use in the classroom. Next up is the really hard part - getting all the rest of the tech into the classrooms!

We have all the projectors, which will begin to appear in rooms starting December 29. The wireless access points have been ordered (but aren't here yet - ouch) and the mini laptops have arrived. The team is now hard at work setting the machines up and getting them in the carts.

Laptops being setup at a pace of ~1 per minute - isn't Linux grand!

Unboxing takes forever and generates lots of trash!

One of the nice things about the EeePC is that we can set them up incredibly quickly, thanks to their highly script-able Linux based operating system. Right now we're averaging 1 per minute. Another great benefit is that we can customize them to our hearts content, then save the settings as a system "default". This allows us to restore one to our custom setup in less than 20 seconds, should there be a software problem. 

We expect to begin delivering carts the first week of January. We look forward to getting them in the hands of our 4th grade students!

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