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October 15, 2009


Stick a fork in it- the grade 4 social studies links are done. You'll find links for lesson 1 and 2 from unit 1 history there.

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I'm getting ready to embark upon the Flat Stanley project next week. Being new to 4th grade, I poked around on the web a bit. I discovered that there's a digital Flat Stanley project (I'm probably the last one to know this). It can be found at:

While I'm not sure if my class will be participating in the project described at that site, I do have to say I got some inspiration from it and decided that our blogs would be a good showcase for some Flat Stanley adventures. Below is a link to a handout I'll be sending home to describe the project. It also includes the digital component that I'm imagining. Please feel free to use the handout (obviously you'll want to change the contact info, etc.). If, while reading it, you spot any errors, I'd appreciate you letting me know (by comment or email works). I basically drafted it out in one shot and haven't reread it yet.

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