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May 17, 2006

As many of you know, SUSD IS&T is currently evaluating a replacement for our current email system (GroupWise.) We've had something of a hate-hate relationship with it of late, and, due to recent changes at Novell, it is no longer an option for us. Our goals/requirements for a replacement package are as follows:

  1. Easy to use and provide near equal functionality across all platforms.

  2. Easy to manage

  3. Able to syncronize calendar/contact data to a variety of PDAs

  4. Support a variety of client applications, including web browser, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, iCal, Address Book, Mozilla Thunderbird/Sunbird, etc.

  5. Support multiple, shared calendars and resources/scheduling.

  6. Be extensible, allowing us to make changes, add features, etc.

After several months of review, research, and analysis, the package that we are most interested in is a product called Zimbra. It is an open-source collaboration suite, providing all of the functionality listed above and more. Zimbra is currently being used by a variety of Fortune 500 companies and several colleges and universities nationwide, with more than 500,000 paid Zimbra mailboxes presently in use.

We have been piloting this solution for some months, and are extremely pleased with our experience. The pilot was recently expanded to include several principals and office staff members as well, who are also quite pleased. If all continues to go well, we plan to migrate to the solution this summer.

For additional information about the program, you can go to the Zimbra web site. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions. Thank you for your continued support.

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January 31, 2006

January was a busy month for IT at SUSD! On the web front, we have updated the look of the SUSD web site, to great acclaim. We have been working on the design for about a month, and were pleased to be able to implement it last week. We also officially launched this site, making it available district-wide to all teachers and staff. We hope that this tool will prove to be a valuable resource and community builder. We have been hosting demonstrations at a variety of meetings, and will continue to do so throughout the next several months. More ...

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