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June 26, 2006

All I ever needed to know about digital art, I learned with Paint.

Late last year I became obsessed with the question of how much I could do with Microsoft Paint -- you know, the silly little painting program that comes with Windows.  You find it under accessories, and play with it for about ten minutes and then dismiss it as useless.
It occurred to me that Paint has its benefits and uses, though.

  1. It has come with Windows since the dark ages. It is free and EVERYONE has it.

  2. There are techniques and concepts that apply to more advanced programs that can be explored pretty deeply using Paint. layering, masking, symmetry and transformations like croppng,  mirroring,shearing and rotating, color theory, including  Hue-Saturation-Value, and Red- Green-Blue Colorspaces, and file management issues such as resolution, color depth, and the real differences between .bmp, .jpg and .gif files... and other stuff too.

  3. There are small projects to be found that teach the fundamentals and allow for creativity on the part of the student, and are simple enough for young beginners.

So with an aim at making introductions to these concepts and the tools that are available, it is my intent to teach you to make a fish: fish thumbnail
Next post: Making Complex shapes

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