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February 20, 2008

Have you ever wanted to change the look of your pages on the SUSD Community sites? Have you longed for a new look for your blog, files, and media? If so, you'll be delighted to discover that we have posted 10 great new themes for you to use on both of the SUSD Community sites!

Changing the look of your pages is very easy to do. Simply log in to the site, and click "Account Settings" at the top of the page


Next, click on the "Change Theme" link and select a new theme for your pages.


You can see what your page will look like in any theme by clicking the "Preview" link next to any of the available options.



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February 13, 2006

Welcome to the SUSD Teacher Community site! We've created some useful tools on the site to help you get started on your own profile. Check out the Hints and Tips blog, which provides plenty of useful hints and tips on using this site more effectively. To locate the Hints and Tips blog, simply enter "tips" in the search box, or click here to go straight there. Enjoy!

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